Commitment to advancing the art and science of blockchain technology.

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The best way to learn a subject on a fundamental level is to teach it to others. We delight in sharing knowledge with technology enthusiasts for the insights that we can strive to convey, for the degree of rigour it enforces in our own understanding, and for the opportunity to meet and interact with interesting people.

Invited Talks

Sharing our work and having our perspectives constantly challenged is how we keep abreast of the evolving technological landscape, please reach out to us if you would like to hear about some of the cool projects or initiatives we have in production!


The open exchange of ideas is one of our greatest sources of inspiration, as such we value the face to face connections that can be made through personal dialogue, if you see us at an event let’s make sure to get to know one another.


To foster the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem in our community we take an active role in organizing several prominent MeetUp events on the subject of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.