About us

Reliability is one of the founding pillars of our organization.

"We are... links in a chain; and it is inconceivable that we would be what we are without those who have preceded us and shown us the path that they themselves have scrupulously trod"
- Johann Buddenbrook

As purely a blockchain consultancy team, our judgment is independent of any particular technologies or products. Our objective assessments facilitate win-win relationships with our clients. With no products of our own to peddle, we don’t promote “hype” and tell you straight if blockchain is, or is not, the solution you need.

This independence is particularly valuable for our clients: We are able to balance the prospects and risks of business opportunities matter-of-factly. We aim to provide our clients with forward-looking services at all times and to find the best solution for them. – This is an important reason for the trust that has been placed in us.

Meet the team

Andrei Martchouk
Managing Director

Former co-founder and CEO of the crypto currencies exchange. Prior Chief Architect at ClickandBuy, the first German FinTech. During his previous 17 years in the payment and later in Blockchain industry, he built mission critical financial systems, payment processing, e-money wallets. The graduate of University of Applied Sciences Cologne and Minsk State Linguistic University became Blockchain enthusiast in early 2011.

Tobias Latzke
Blockchain Evangelist

Tobias studied computer science at RWTH Aachen, EPF Lausanne and University of Freiburg and graduated successfully with a diploma. He got involved with Bitcoin in early 2013 and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast ever since. In his spare time he created Centaurus - an android wallet for the stellar payment network.

Wilfried Kopp
Senior Blockchain Expert

Will has an engineer degree in image & signal processing. He worked in the machine vision industry and document managment for 12+ years before focusing on business process managment and financial services. Working with blockchain since 2012, he has contributed the Ethereum and NXT projects and loves to help partners embrace Blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Mirco Recksiek
Cryptocurrency Researcher

Mirco is finishing his Master Degree (M.Sc.) in Media and Technology Management at the University of Cologne. He focused his studies on new technologies, digitization and entrepreneurship and is enthusiastic for the disruptive potential of blockchain. Therefore his master thesis is focused on blockchain-based business models and its impact on running industries.

Christin Matern
Business Consultant

Christin is working as a business consultant and is currently completing her Master's degree in Business Psychology in Stuttgart. She worked at the process management and -coordination for 3 years before focusing on people in digital change. Her current focus is on new blockchain-based business models, change management and organizational development.

Patrick Garbe
Social Media Strategist

Patrick worked in the IT-Sector for several years and is now finishing his Bachelor Degree (B.A.) in Online-Editing at the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne. He recently has specialized in Social-Media-Management and Performance-Marketing. Patrick is always interested in new technologies and especially in Blockchain releted ones.


You like to tinker, listen, understand the technologcial, legal or financial aspects of blockchains, we´d love to hear from You. Don´t be shy!

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